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What is a protest and how to do it?

What is a protest and how to do it?

In order to protest against the injustices in Palestine; firstly it is a necessity to reveal the weaknesses of the party committing the injustice. But how? I have seen an instagram post-series which I liked a lot, the answer to this question is very simple

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Protest means focusing on putting pressure on the weaknesses of the party committing injustice when you are unable to prevent it. To implement correct and effective protests; firstly, we have to reveal the weaknesses of the party committing injustice.

Uncover their weaknesses

The Israelites (sons of Prophet Jacob) consist of 12 different tribes. And since then, its ethnic structure has remained intact until today. The main reason for this intact is that no tribe could integrate and assimilate because they could not get along with each other so far. Nut they still take sides in two groups.

The first side of these; Those who are the descendants of Prophet Joseph and Hazrat Benjamin. This lineage is the Yusufis who follow in the footsteps of Prophet Joseph today. and their numbers are very few. They believe in God, live their religion sincerely and fight against Zionism. Most of them continue their lives abroad because Israel labels them as spies and oppresses them.

The second side is; The side consisting of the youngest brother, Judah, who said “Let’s kill Joseph”, and the other 9 brothers of the Prophet Joseph. Since they follow Judah, they are also Jews. Judahs are 10 tribes and they cannot get along with each other at all. Especially regarding leadership. For this reason, there is a coalition in Israel today. They are governed by their governments and the government constantly changes. Even though the Jewish 10 tribes do not like each other, they have to tolerate each other in order to prevail over the non-Jews. Jews are very prone to violence, slander and discord. The most fierce among them is the lineage of Judah, the youngest brother of Joseph. During the time of Prophet Moses Samiri, Judas, who was a traitor during the time of Prophet Jesus, is also from this lineage. Of course, only God knows what is best.

For this reason, God calls them Children of Israel.

The first reason is that 12 tribes still exist and 10 of them are Jews. Do not call every Israelite a Jew. Although Jews are in the majority, there are also Yusufis among the Israelites. While the Jews use Judaism as a shield and behind the scenes are atheists and worship the devil, Yusufis are Jews who are sincere believers and fight against Zionism.


The first weak point of Jews is the Yusufis as one of the Israelite tribes who fight against Zionism and know all the secrets and weaknesses of Jews. Take them among you and act together with them.

Blaming each other for the slightest failure

Their second weakness is that they lose power by blaming each other for the slightest failure. Their governments consist of coalitions and are prone to disintegration quickly. and they cannot sustain any action for a long time due to intense internal opposition.

For this reason, while Judah is strong, they never want a humanitarian ceasefire. If they want a ceasefire, it is because they have serious differences among themselves and are about to disperse. For this reason, it is necessary to increase the struggle precisely on this step. Because that is the moment closest to winning.

Small population

Another weakness is their small population.

Although there are over 80 Jewish states in the world, including most of the Muslim countries, there are no people who love them, except for the Evangelical sects in America and the Jews in Israel. The total number of Jewish population in the world is as much as the population of the city of Istanbul, while the Jewish population in Israel is as much as the population of city of Ankara by itself. If you fight from a distance, they have strong connections and an advantage when fighting from a distance because they are the owners of the world’s states, giant companies and the world media. But if you fight close, their population is small and they are disadvantaged in close combat. This is like controlling a huge bull by grabbing its nose. Or it’s like taking over military airports instead of fighting against planes on July 15th.

Since they know their own weaknesses, they will first threaten and then immediately want to turn to a ceasefire when the people of the world gather in protests, on the Jordanian border, on the Lebanon border, on the Egyptian border, or on Türkiye’s Hatay border.

No superpower in the world can cope with the people of the world. But such an action should have been announced to the entire world at least three weeks in advance. Because organizing and participating in actions with high population requires time. Do not rush and waste time with local actions. It takes time, but spend your strength on actions that have a general impact.

Abnormal anxiousness

The other weakness of the Judahs is that they have abnormal anxiousness when we compare with the world average. God has given them this torment as a matter of nature. If the rulers of Egypt were not their own spies, if the rulers of Saudi and Jordan were not secret Medina Jews, Hafez Assad, Bashar Assad, the Barzani family, even If the Iranian government and even the Iraqi government had not been composed of their own spies, they would never have won the war in the Middle East. They would not even have dared to fight. Israel would never go out to fight without taking all its precautions in war, but without taking irrational measures that are far above normal. And in these measures, it would be one of the biggest Jewish states. It does not trust the states that fight on its side, such as the USA and the United Kingdom, but the secret Judahs under the state administration that will fight against it. It will never dare to fight Hamas without ensuring that Hamas, not the lower level of Fatah, but the upper level will be its own men. In fact, such precautions will cost them a lot of money and money. It made them lose time, but anxiety is an emotion they cannot cope with. In order to hide their anxiety, they cruelly torture the captives, women and children so that they will be feared and their own fears will not be noticed. For this reason, people of the world should gather at the borders surrounding Israel. Türkiye should position its naval forces in the ports of TRNC(Cyprus), its land forces in Hatay and Adana and air forces in Malatya. The free Syrian army should approach Latakia, Lebanon should demand from us guarantor ship or a military air base. In addition, Israel may take advantage of the economic, military and political vacuum that it has prepared for the invasion of Lebanon. In order not to invade Lebanon as well, there should also be a land force base that will organize the Lebanese people in case of occupation.

Even if Israel thinks that Türkiye will not be able to declare war on it, it will not be able to cope with the anxiety caused by even the slightest possibility. First it will make empty threats through Europe and America, and if it sees that Türkiye is upholding strong stance, it will never be able to cope with its anxiety and will have to accept the agreements it does not want. Of course, the expectation should not be Israel's borders first. it should be wanted but it should not be. If Israel gets stuck more and more, he will be willing to accept less than emptying all his boundaries.

Uncover their economic weaknesses

The Jewish community from the Israelites became rich towards the end of the 18th century for a reason that I cannot explain right now. They acquired a sudden and very rapid fortune. In order to hide their wealth, although this had nothing to do with trade, they created an image as if Jewish merchants were born and trade was in their nature. However, famous pirate movies that plunder ships are actually about Jews. But since the people who made the movie were Jews, you see them as heroes in the movie. However, before the 18th century, the world knew the rich Jews as loan sharks. They did not produce anything, they plundered merchant ships, they showed the copper that was lumped in the ports as gold coins and destroyed the port cities. They would defraud. For this reason, Europe hated the Jews. The Yusufis, on the other hand, followed the model of agriculture and small tradesmen. In the 18th century, something happened that I cannot explain right now, and some Jews became rich in gold very suddenly and at a very high level. Instead of contributing to the world by producing, they took over almost all of the workshops, factories and businesses that already existed in areas that were more suitable for monopoly, such as mining, petro-chemistry, pharmaceuticals, electricity and electromagnetic, weapons and transportation. They beat the rest of their competitors in the Second World War and immediately after eliminated them hiddenly. Then they started doing retail.

Instead of establishing a new business, they bought companies that were established by someone else and stood out compared to their competitors, before they were fully grown, and developed them. Because they bought companies that stood out with their quality when they were small, instead of establishing a new company. They created an image for people that “Jews produce/sell the highest quality goods”. However, by purchasing the quality production labor of non-Jews, that brand became giant Jewish companies. Despite all these giant companies, their real earnings still come from usury, that is, finance.

Since the US Federal Reserve is private and under their control, they became the biggest counterfeiter in the world, printing unrequited money. These fake money printed without return were given as loans to the banks of third world countries in order to prevent inflation in the USA. They established giant banks that engaged in usury and lending to banks. This is exactly the point where their weaknesses begin.

Every advantage comes with a disadvantage.

Remember that every advantage comes with a disadvantage. The fact that their companies are giants is an advantage for them to eat companies smaller than themselves, but they are defenseless against very small ones. The strongest person in the world cannot punch bacteria and viruses. Ants are among the animals that elephants cannot crush because they are so small. In a big event, dinosaurs disappear while ants survive. The point is to organize the ants to form a single colony. If this happens, there is no large creature on earth that the ants cannot destroy. The most important feature of the very small ones is that their numbers are always greater than the giant ones. In fact, this is the law not expressed verbally that large numbers prevail over large sizes.

** Now, please listen carefully. **

Banks cannot keep cash because they buy cash with interest. Since their general expenses are high and cash has a cost with interest and inflation, they must immediately sell the money at a higher interest rate. In other words, they must give loans. This makes them unprepared for sudden and mass cash withdrawals.

If not all the people of the world, but only the people of the countries that support oppression and the people of the world who protest oppression withdraw their cash from the bank, all banks will be locked due to sudden exit. You can probably get your money before the bank collapses because you will be one of the firsts to act. Since when the banks start not being able to give money, those who are insensitive to oppression and those who support oppression will try to save their money. They will have to follow your footsteps to get their money out of the bank. They will compete with each other to withdraw their money from the bank. This will lead the banks to a bigger collapse.

Central banks will continue to counterfeit and print unpaid money to meet the sudden demands of the banks. Even if these banks collapse behind the scenes, in front of the scenes they will have to print an unprecedented amount of unpaid money to show you that they are upright and strong. This cunning will be the real thing that will bring them down. Because there is something they didn't take into account.

Giant banks are not officially owned by anyone, the American Private Central Bank is not officially owned by anyone, but the real owners of the American Private Central Bank are the same people. The owners of most of the local banks are barons, who are the servants of these people. Even though they are the servants of these people, they console themselves by being the masters of the countries they live in. In other words, in the Judaean ecosystem, everyone is the God of each other. Think of it as if someone is the master of that country, and these people I mentioned first are the masters of the master of those countries. If you withdraw money at the same time from the local banks of the countries that support tyranny, to send a message that "Your protests will be useless", Giant banks will immediately give loans to local banks, but they will not be able to do anything within themselves. But it cannot even withstand the withdrawal of cash from countries that only support tyranny and those who only protest. Because even if it is 10 times the current situation, all the money of the banks remains as receivables from their customers. their immediate cash power is very weak. Local banks’ demands for cash never end. But since the giant banks are empty, the central banks try to fill the giant banks with cash by printing unrequited money in incredible amounts. They also give the same message. "Your protests will not beat us as masters" and like people sitting on each other’s backs under the big giant dress, even though their legs are shaking from the weight of the load, there is nothing outside the dress. You see a giant who seems to have no problems. However, it is the person at the top who seems to be comfortable. The people under the clothes he is wearing are about to collapse.

When you withdraw Dollars or Euros from those banks, you will put the savings in the safe, and since you do not put it on the market, the country where they print money equal to the money withdrawn they are cunning that there will be very little inflation. However, they will go bankrupt not because you withdraw money from banks, but because you convert the money you withdraw into gold or silver. Since when you buy gold, you give dollars and Euros to the market. The money printed without return has already entered the market through the bank. And you withdrew it to buy gold or silver. You are putting money on the market. This means that the price of gold is over $4500 per ounce. What will happen when the Dollar and Euro lose excessive value and gold gains excessive value in return?

When gold and silver are withdrawn from the market

Simultaneously when new money is printed and gold & silver are withdrawn from the market, gold and silver gains excessive value. On the other hand, money becomes extremely worthless. Gold climbs to over $4,500 an ounce. Anyone who is insensitive to tyranny, or even supports tyranny, will be forced to follow you. Not because they love Palestine, but because they love wealth. They will try to get rid of the dollars they have as if they were trying to get rid of a disease, and will crush each other to buy gold. This causes the ounce of gold to rise above $13,000.

And then what happens to the bank shares in the stock markets?

Yes! You made a good guess! So what do people trading in the stock market do? They try to buy gold and silver urgently. So what do the real central banks of the states do with their dollar reserves? They keep gold and silver in their reserves, not dollars. So what happens to an ounce of gold? It jumps to at least $17,000 in a year.

This is not an investment recommendation, it is a financial prediction

At that point, the money will be just a piece of paper. So, what happens to the long-term receivables because the banks’ receivables are dollars or Euros? What do you think will happen since their receivables are fixed even though their general expenses are subject to inflation?

What are you thinking right now while I’m telling you these? Do you wonder if my state and my nation will be harmed by this?

No one asks if this method works? Because most people have already understood that it will work. but this time, the worry of whether my country will be harmed has taken over their thoughts? What deep thoughts have you been till now? You were looking for a solution to prevent genocide and destroy Zionism. Here is a solution that is hard to resist. Let me reassure you. The states and the countries will not suffer any financial harm from this, and they will be more financially free and rich than they have ever seen in many years. So why? How can this be?

I will prove this to you with dozens of different examples and evidence, but first, think about the secret here, find it and tell me. How can states and people of the country become rich while Zionist banks go bankrupt?

A sincere Muslim loves the country he lives in even if it is not the country he was born in. He would never betray or harm that country or its people. Because a true Muslim knows how to be grateful, how to thank, and how to be loyal.

Why are states and the people become richer in a world without banks?

Actually, the question itself is the answer... But still, I want to strain myself a little to explain to you clearly how things actually work. We will go back a little to the beginning of financial fraud.

Prophet Yusuf, who prepared his country for the period of 7 years of abundance and 7 years of famine, bought and stocked not only the food produced in his country but also the surplus food products of other countries in the period of abundance. Since the King of Egypt was very confident in his knowledge and morals, he made Prophet Joseph responsible for the country after him.

When the famine period began all over the world, everyone who did not believe in the Prophet Joseph became dependent on Egypt’s state stock. World countries, especially Greeks and Persians, who wanted to buy food from Egypt, came to Egypt to sell non-food items such as jewelry and weapons. They were also buying food raw materials from Egypt with the gold and silver they obtained. Egypt’s bazaars became the world market with the greatest variety of products, with goods coming from all over the world.

When the famine was over, even if there was no need for grains and food in Egypt anymore, the people of the world could buy and sell with each other with a wide variety of products. Since Egypt was a trade center, it became one of the richest states in the world. Prophet Joseph was loved very much even though he was not Egyptian, and when the King died, they did not elect a new king as long as Joseph lived.

This is how all the extraordinary wealth of Egypt began. During the time of Prophet Joseph, all the Israelites gathered in Egypt. His brothers also came to God, repenting for what they had done to Prophet Joseph. The population of the Israelites in Egypt increased over time. After the death of Prophet Joseph and his brothers, the Egyptian King was supposed to replace him. The Israelites (descendants) on the Judean side did not want to give up the administration. They made all kinds of pressure to depopulate Egypt... and the sons of the Judean tribe always took over the administration. Persian and Greek merchants who came to Egypt for trade hated the Jewish tribes in the Middle East because of what they saw and witnessed.

They cursed that race...

To be continued...

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